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Learn with Usher from his vast knowledge and experience from running offline and online businesses

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Technology has brought us closer, online training and trading is open to more people than ever, join the revolution

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What goes around comes around, as a global initiative Usher will provide many free courses to anyone deserving

There are million ways to make million dollars…

Starting your own business was never any easier!

Usher has written many books, created many training programs, build offline businesses, build online businesses and continue to reinvest the funds into real estate which he believes a long term stable investment vehicle

If you would like to learn with him and grow with him, please see the following training programs

What my students

Had to Say

Rubecca Chol

Thank you Usher for all the training and the support provided.

Rubecca CholCanberra Australia
Alice McCoy

Usher had all the skills I was looking in a mentor and he helped me to grow my design business to a new level

Alice McCoyDandenong, Australia

What kind of person are you? Some like to learn by reading, some by seeing or listening and some by doing

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